[barcampgr] Saturday - important

Dave Brondsema dave at brondsema.net
Fri Aug 20 21:50:09 PDT 2010

Tomorrow, Calvin College is doing network maintenance.  We're not sure
of the details, but the internet may not be available for long periods
of time.  Plan any presentations to be offline.  And if you have a mifi,
droid hotspot, can tether your iphone, etc, please bring it and share!

If have presentation files or links, please share them at
http://barcampgr.org/wiki/BarCampGrandRapids5Presentations (Also
available from the homepage, click on "Wiki→" then presentations)

Dave Brondsema : dave at brondsema.net
http://www.brondsema.net : personal
http://www.splike.com : programming

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