[barcampgr] You should present at GRDevDay

Ben Rousch brousch at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 07:43:50 PST 2013

GRDevDay is a one day conference scheduled for Saturday, March 2,
2013. Talk proposal submissions are due Sunday.

I saw a lot of good presentations at user group meetings and at
BarCampGR in the last year, and I'd love to see many of those talks
refined and expanded for the upcoming GRDevDay conference. GRDevDay is
one of the few local conferences that brings together people from
disparate tech communities. Attending is a great way to expand your
horizons while learning from smart, enthusiastic developers from
languages and technologies you may not get to play with very often.
Presenting there is a great way to expose people you don't often get
to meet to your own awesome experiences and technologies. If you've
given a talk in the last year, you should consider dusting off your
slides, bringing them up to date, and presenting them to the wider
West MI development community.  Sunday is the deadline for submitting
talk proposals,

For more about GRDevDay, visit http://grdevday.org/
To submit your talk proposal, visit http://grdevday.org/Speakers.aspx

 Ben Rousch
   brousch at gmail.com

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