[barcampgr] BarCamp is coming up soon!

Dave Brondsema dave at brondsema.net
Wed Aug 11 19:37:44 PDT 2010

In a bit more than a week, the FIFTH BarCamp Grand Rapids is going to be
cranking!  Aug 20-21 if you forgot.  http://barcampgr.org

You're on this list because you've already registered this year, or some
 previous year.  Awesome.  Tell your friends.

We'll send out some final details a day or two before the big event.  So
until then, appreciate these sponsors that make it possible:
    * Calvin College Computer Science department
    * Atomic Object
    * Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference
    * Software GR
    * Idea Foundry
    * Mutually Human Software
    * Fusionary
    * Momentum MI

And these folks that put some icing on the cake:
    * O'Reilly
    * EllisLab
    * The Factory
    * Liquid Web
    * Biggby
    * Subway Delivers

BarCamp != "bar" && BarCamp != "camp"

You'd have to be a mad foo not to go to BarCamp!

Meet, Share, Learn.  People & Technology.

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