Reminder: BarCampGR is August 25/26 @ Calvin College

Thomas Wodarek via Campers campers at
Sun Aug 6 20:00:43 PDT 2017

Hey all!

Just a quick heads up that BarCampGR is only 3 weeks away!  If you haven't
registered yet, register <> to let us know
you're coming.

If you have an idea for a talk, feel free to stop by the BarCamp Slack
<> to shop it around or get some ideas.  Or just
start throwing something together and surprise us all with your
awesomeness.  Or stick with the grand olde tradition of staying up all
Friday night to put something together for Saturday.  :)

Come one, come all, this is going to be fun.

See you there,
BarCampGR 2017 Organizers.
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