BarCamp! Tomorrow!

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Thu Aug 24 07:03:47 PDT 2017

Hey BarCampers and past BarCampers!

We're excited for this weekend!  Do you have some great talks you're thinking
about?  Or not sure what to expect?  Head over to our Slack chat to discuss
ideas, post your own topics, and ask questions.  Sign up for slack at  It's a great way to chat and be in touch during
BarCamp, as well as afterwards.

There’s still time to sign up if you haven’t yet - it’s never too late :)  Just
head over to

Our sponsors make BarCamp possible.  Thank you!

Gold Sponsors:
* Calvin College - Computer Science Dept.

Silver Sponsors:
* Blue Medora
* Atomic Object
* Software GR

So, what exactly is happening this weekend?  We're meeting at Calvin College,
map:  The schedule is here but we (you!) fill in all the talk slots
when you show up.  Come and go as you must.  Many folks bring a laptop; if
you're going to present from a Mac, remember to bring a display adapter.
Delicious food, drinks & snacks will be provided throughout the whole event,
including various dietary options. Wondering who gives a talk, and how you can
too?  We've got a page for that too:

If you want to get there early to help set up, that would be great.  Anytime
between 4:30 and dinner is when we will be setting up.  When you arrive look for
an organizer and they can tell you what needs to be done.

We have a Code of Conduct because we want BarCamp to be safe and welcoming to
all people.  Please take a minute to read it at

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